8 Educational Podcasts Every College Student Should Listen To

Discover the top 8 educational podcasts every college student should listen to in 2024 for personal growth, productivity, and staying informed.

8 Educational Podcasts Every College Student Should Listen To

Derek Pankaew

8 Educational Podcasts Every College Student Should Listen To

Podcasts are an invaluable resource for college students, offering a mix of education, entertainment, and personal growth opportunities that can seamlessly fit into busy schedules. Whether you're commuting, exercising, or performing daily chores, podcasts provide a flexible way to stay informed and expand your knowledge.

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TED Talks Daily

TED Talks Daily is one of the most popular educational podcasts available. It provides a platform for experts from various fields to share their ideas, research, and insights. The podcast covers a vast array of topics including technology, education, business, science, and personal development. College students can benefit immensely from this podcast as it introduces them to new ideas and perspectives, fostering a broader understanding of the world.

Recommended Episodes: Any episode that aligns with your interests, as the topics are incredibly diverse.

College Info Geek

College Info Geek is designed specifically with college students in mind. Hosted by Thomas Frank, this podcast offers practical advice on a range of topics including studying techniques, productivity hacks, and career tips. The podcast aims to help students maximize their college experience and prepare for life after graduation. Episodes such as "How to Be More Productive" and "How to Find Your Dream Job" are particularly valuable for students looking to improve their academic performance and career prospects.

Recommended Episodes: Look for episodes on time management and job hunting.

NPR’s Planet Money

NPR’s Planet Money is a fantastic resource for students interested in economics and finance. The podcast breaks down complex economic concepts and presents them in an engaging and easily understandable way. Topics range from current economic events to historical economic phenomena, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of how the economy works. This podcast is perfect for students studying economics, business, or anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of financial matters.

Recommended Episodes: Episodes that explore interesting economic phenomena or current financial trends.

The Naked Scientists

The Naked Scientists podcast makes science accessible and fun. The hosts take complex scientific topics and explain them in a way that is easy to understand and engaging. The podcast covers a wide range of scientific fields, including biology, chemistry, physics, and environmental science. For college students studying science or those with a general interest in the subject, The Naked Scientists is an excellent way to stay informed about the latest scientific discoveries and developments.

Recommended Episodes: Start with episodes that cover recent scientific discoveries.

Stuff You Missed in History Class

Stuff You Missed in History Class offers an entertaining and informative look at lesser-known historical events and figures. The hosts delve into fascinating historical topics that are often overlooked in traditional history courses. This podcast is a great resource for history students or anyone interested in learning more about the past. Episodes like "The Real Dracula" and "The Great Emu War" provide intriguing insights into unique historical events.

Recommended Episodes: Episodes about historical events you may not have learned about in school.

Hardcore History

Hardcore History, hosted by Dan Carlin, is known for its deep dives into significant historical events. Carlin’s storytelling ability brings history to life, making it engaging and accessible. Each episode is meticulously researched and often spans several hours, providing a comprehensive look at historical events. This podcast is ideal for history students or anyone with a keen interest in history. Episodes such as "The Celtic Holocaust" and "Blueprint for Armageddon" are particularly noteworthy.

Recommended Episodes: Any series or episode that covers a historical period or event you’re interested in.

TWiT (This Week in Tech)

TWiT (This Week in Tech) covers the latest developments in technology and their implications. The podcast features discussions on new gadgets, tech trends, and innovations. For students studying technology, computer science, or anyone interested in staying up-to-date with the latest tech news, TWiT is an invaluable resource. Episodes like "The Future of AI" and "The Impact of Blockchain" provide in-depth analysis of cutting-edge technologies.

Recommended Episodes: Episodes featuring major tech announcements or reviews.

This American Life

This American Life is one of the most popular and acclaimed podcasts in the world. Each episode explores a different theme through stories and interviews. The podcast offers a diverse range of topics, from personal stories to social issues, providing a rich tapestry of American life. For college students, This American Life offers a unique perspective on a wide range of topics, fostering empathy and understanding. Episodes such as "The Problem We All Live With" and "Harper High School" are particularly impactful.

Recommended Episodes: Themes that resonate with your interests or current societal issues.

Additional Recommendations

Student Podcasts and Productivity

For students looking to improve their productivity and time management skills, there are several other podcasts worth exploring. "The Productivity Show" by Asian Efficiency offers practical tips and strategies for getting more done in less time. "Getting Things Done" by David Allen provides insights into the GTD methodology, helping students stay organized and focused.

Personal Finance and Budgeting

Managing finances is a crucial skill for college students. Podcasts like "The College Investor" and "Millennial Money" offer valuable advice on budgeting, investing, and managing student loans. These podcasts provide practical tips and insights to help students achieve financial independence and stability.

Personal Development and Growth

For personal development and growth, podcasts such as "The Tim Ferriss Show" and "The School of Greatness" offer interviews with successful individuals from various fields. These podcasts provide inspiration and practical advice on achieving personal and professional goals.

Current Events and News

Staying informed about current events is important for college students. "The Daily" by The New York Times and "BBC Global News Podcast" provide daily updates on global news and events. These podcasts offer comprehensive coverage of current affairs, helping students stay informed and engaged with the world around them.

Tips for Listening:

  1. Incorporate into Routines: Listen during commutes, workouts, or while doing chores.
  2. Use Podcast Apps: Apps like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Stitcher help you organize and discover new shows.
  3. Engage with Content: Take notes or discuss episodes with friends to deepen your understanding.

Educational podcasts are an invaluable resource for college students, offering knowledge, inspiration, and practical advice on a wide range of topics. By incorporating podcasts into their daily routines, students can enhance their learning, stay informed, and achieve their personal and academic goals. Whether you're interested in science, history, economics, or personal development, there is a podcast out there for you. Explore the diverse world of podcasts and find the ones that resonate with your interests and goals.

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