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  • Voces realistas, completas con emoción e intonación
  • Pronuncia fácilmente palabras técnicas de cualquier campo
  • Elimina texto excesivo, como referencias, citas y código informático del audio
The first listening app built for research papers
Soy muy exigente con las voces de la IA, pero esta ha sido increíble.

Incluso a 1.5x de velocidad, era atractivo escuchar! Es un cambio de juego poder escuchar mientras camino.

-- Anna V.
Maestría en Patología del Habla

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Of course, you can also listen to entire papers from top to bottom.

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Say goodbye to limits and hello to limitless learning.

Having an app that converts all my reading into voice is just so convenient and amazing

-- Jayati S.
Master’s in Environmental Science

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I’ve tried other text-to-audio apps, but they were terrible. actually made it stick for me. I’m in love with the app - thank you!!
-- Ricky Y.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I cancel my account?
A: It’s easy! Just log into your account here, go to “Settings”, and click the Cancel button.

Q: What happens if I cancel during the 2 week trial?
A: You won’t get billed at all!

Q: Can it pronounce difficult words, like “Mesothelioma” or “Diphenhydramine”?
A: Yep. If our audio ever mispronounces a word, just let us know and we’ll fix it.

Q: I don’t want to listen to all the references and citations. Can your app skip those?
A: Yes, we skip those, so you can focus on the core material.

Q: I only want to listen to the Abstract and Results. How do I do that?
A: Just uncheck the checkboxes for the sections you want to skip!

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