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“I can’t believe it-she
sounds like a real person!

We use the latest A.I. breakthroughs to create human-like voices. They’re easy to listen to and understand, just like an audiobook!
Lifelike voices, complete with emotion and intonation
Easily pronounces technical words in any field
Remove excess text, like references citations, and computer code from the audio
Jayati S. review
Having an app that converts all my reading into voice is just so convenient and amazing
Jayati S.
Anna V. review
I’m really picky about AI voices, but this one was amazing! Even at 1.5x speed, it was engaging to listen to. It’s a game changer to be able to listen while walking!
Anna V.

Listen to anything: just upload it from desktop or mobile

PDFs and Academic papers
PDFs and Academic papers
Upload PDFs directly on the website
Documents: .doc, .ppt, .txt, .epub, etc
Documents: .doc, .ppt, .txt, .epub, etc
Upload files, or click “Share” from inside your browser
Click the Chrome extension on any web page to listen
Forward long emails and turn them into audio

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Take notes while on the go,
with just one click!

Click the note button

Click the note button

any time you hear a key idea
We add the note for you

We add the note for you

Using the last 2-3 sentences. No typing needed!
Export your notes

Export your notes

later to make writing papers a breeze.

Automatically skip citations, references, and footnotes

Inline citations
Inline citations

Save time by choosing which sections to listen to

Listening allows you to select which sections of a paper to listen to.
Want to only listen to the abstract? Or skip to the results first? You can do that!
Of course, you can also listen to entire papers from top to bottom.
“It sounds so natural, even at 2x speed”
Effortlessly zip through easier content at speeds up to 4x!
Take your time with more challenging material by slowing down to 1x or even 0.5x.
The power to tailor your listening experience is right at your fingertips!

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AlexP1799 review
This app is a MUST for anyone in academics. I’ve only had it for a couple of weeks and I’m already sold. I’m in grad school at the moment and almost all of our reading are academic articles. It takes me ages to get through them every week and by the end it feels like my eyes are going to fall out of my head.
Bell Jelly review
Bell Jelly
Love using it to read papers and journal articles. The text is often too dense for me and my eyes skip words, making it difficult to understand what I just read. With the app, I can slow down the speed of speech and listen while my visual brain generates images (much easier for me to do than with reading). I would suggest perhaps removing the reference numbers, it is distracting while listening. Otherwise, I like where this is going! Thank you!
Samantha Lumby review
Samantha Lumby
Absolutely brilliant, haven't been able to find an app that can say scientific words properly until now. Very easy to use

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Take notes while you listen (with 1 click)
Upload from mobile or desktop
Pick which sections to listen to
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