How Do You Address Someone With a PhD Degree?

In academia and professional settings, knowing how to properly address someone with a PhD is crucial. This guide will help you navigate the etiquette of using titles and addressing individuals who hold doctoral degrees.

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How Do You Address Someone With a PhD Degree?

How Do You Address Someone With a PhD Degree?

Understanding the PhD Title

A PhD, or Doctor of Philosophy, is the highest academic degree awarded in many fields and signifies a doctorate level of education. While it doesn't necessarily mean the holder is a medical doctor, it does signify extensive expertise in their area of study.

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When to Use "Dr." as a Title

In academic and professional contexts, it's generally appropriate to address someone with a PhD as "Dr." followed by their last name. This is especially true in:

  • Formal correspondence
  • Academic settings
  • Professional conferences often focus on the proper way to address someone with a doctorate.
  • When introducing speakers

However, some PhD holders prefer not to use the title outside of professional settings. It's always best to ask for their preference if you're unsure.

Addressing Someone with a PhD in Email

When writing an email to someone with a PhD, start with a formal salutation to ensure the proper way to address someone with a doctorate:

  1. "Dear Dr. [Last Name],"
  2. "Hello Dr. [Last Name],"

If you're replying to an email where they've signed with their first name, it's usually fine to address them similarly in your response.

Using the Title in Person

When meeting someone with a PhD for the first time, it's polite to use their title:

"It's nice to meet you, Dr. [Last Name]."

They may then invite you to use their first name, which you can do in subsequent interactions, recognizing their doctorate.

Envelope and Formal Letter Etiquette

When addressing formal letters or envelopes to someone with a PhD:

  1. Dr. [Full Name], PhD
  2. [Full Name], PhD

The second format is used when you want to include the specific degree but not use "Dr." as a title.

Proper Salutation in Various Contexts

Academic Settings

In universities or research institutions, always err on the side of formality:

  • "Dear Dr. [Last Name]," for written communication
  • "Dr. [Last Name]" for verbal address

Professional Conferences

At conferences, it's common to use titles such as

"Our next speaker is Dr. [Full Name], who will present on..."

Social Settings

In casual situations, follow the PhD holder's lead to determine the proper title to use. If they introduce themselves by their first name, it's usually fine to use it.

Common Questions About Addressing PhD Holders

Should I use "Dr." or "PhD" after the name?

Generally, use "Dr." before the name rather than "PhD" after it. For example:

  • Correct: Dr. Jane Smith
  • Less common: Jane Smith, who holds a doctorate (PhD)

Can I use "Mr." or "Ms." instead of "Dr."?

It's best to use "Dr." unless the person has indicated otherwise. Using "Mr." or "Ms." for someone with a PhD can be seen as diminishing their academic achievements.

How do I address someone with multiple doctoral degrees?

If someone holds both a PhD and an MD, for instance, you can use either "Dr." or their professional title, depending on the context.


Addressing someone with a PhD or a doctorate correctly shows respect for their academic achievements. While "Dr." is generally appropriate in formal and academic settings, it's always best to be attentive to individual preferences and context. When in doubt, it's perfectly acceptable to ask how the person prefers to be addressed.

Remember, the key is to be respectful and adaptable. With these guidelines, you'll be well-equipped to navigate the etiquette of addressing PhD holders in various situations.

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