Top 10 Blogs Written by Professors

Discover the top 10 professor-authored blogs offering invaluable insights on academic writing, career advice, and higher education trends for students and researchers.

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Top 10 Blogs Written by Professors

Top 10 Blogs Written by Professors

Whether you're a graduate student, an early career researcher, or a seasoned academic, these blogs offer a wealth of information on topics ranging from academic writing and publishing to career development and the latest trends in higher education.

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1. The Thesis Whisperer

Professor Inger Mewburn from the Australian National University founded this blog as a goldmine for doctoral students and early career researchers. It offers practical tips on writing, productivity, and navigating academic life. The Thesis Whisperer's blend of personal experiences and research-based advice makes it an invaluable resource for those conducting research and writing their thesis or dissertation, being one of the most recommended writing blogs.

2. The Professor In

Dr. Karen Kelsky's blog provides brutally honest advice about the academic job market and career development. It's a must-read for anyone considering or pursuing an academic career, offering insights into the often opaque world of higher ed, making it one of the must-read academic blogs. The blog covers topics such as grant writing, job applications, and how to navigate academic conferences.

3. iRashia

 This blog by Dr. Rashia Nasir, an Associate Professor at the University of Oregon, focuses on diversity and inclusion in higher education, marking it as one of the significant higher education blogs. It offers thoughtful commentary on issues of race, gender, and equity in academia, making it an essential read in today's social climate. iRashia aims to help create a more inclusive academic environment, making it one of the best academic blogs in 2023.

4. Catherine Cronin

 Dr. Catherine Cronin, a professor of education, explores the intersection of education, technology, and social justice in her blog, identifying it as one of the academic blogs dedicated to helping educators. Her posts offer valuable insights into open education and digital identity in academic contexts. This blog is particularly relevant for those interested in how technology is shaping higher education.

5. Writing for Research

Managed by Patrick Dunleavy from the London School of Economics, this blog offers advice on academic writing and publishing. It's an excellent resource for researchers looking to improve their writing skills and navigate the publication process. The blog covers topics such as scientific writing, structuring academic papers, and dealing with reviewer comments, positioning it among the top academic blogs dedicated to helping improve research writing.

6. Patter 

Professor Pat Thomson from the University of Nottingham covers a wide range of topics related to academic writing, research, and supervision, making her blog one of the 10 best academic blogs. Her accessible writing style makes complex academic concepts understandable to a broad audience. Patter is particularly useful for PhD students and early career researchers seeking guidance on various aspects of academic life, solidifying its place among the best academic blogs.

7. Dr. Nadine Muller

This blog from Liverpool John Moores University offers a personal take on academic life, focusing on mental health, work-life balance, and career development, qualifying it as one of the essential education blogs. Dr. Muller's honest reflections on the challenges of academia make for compelling reading and provide support for those struggling with the pressures of academic life, which is why it's highlighted in lists of must-read academic blogs.

8. The University of Idaho's Women's Center Blog

While not run by a single professor, this blog offers diverse perspectives on gender issues in academia and beyond. It's a valuable resource for understanding and addressing gender-related challenges in higher education. The blog features submissions from guest writers, providing a platform for various voices in the academic community.

9. The Research Whisperer

This collaborative blog provides practical advice on research funding and management. It's an excellent resource for early career researchers and those looking to secure grants and manage research projects effectively. The Research Whisperer offers writing advice specifically tailored to grant applications and research proposals, making it invaluable for research writing.

10. Doctoral Writing

SIG Run by a group of academics from various institutions, including the University of Edinburgh and the University of Cambridge, this blog focuses specifically on doctoral writing, making it a notable academic blog in 2023. It offers tips, strategies, and reflections on the writing process, making it an invaluable resource for PhD students. The academic blog covers all disciplines and stages of the doctoral journey, making it essential for academic blogs every researcher should read.

Why These Professor Blogs Are Essential Reading

These blogs, written by experienced academics, offer unique insights into the ever-evolving landscape of higher ed. They provide practical advice, share personal experiences, and discuss critical issues facing higher ed today, making their blogs must-read academic blogs for anyone in the field.

The Value of Professor-Written Blogs for the Academic Community

By following these academic blogs, readers gain access to a wealth of knowledge accumulated through years of academic experience, truly making them academic blogs every researcher should consider. These professors offer candid perspectives on navigating academic careers, improving research writing skills, and addressing challenges in higher education.

In conclusion, whether you're interested in refining your academic writing, seeking career guidance, or staying informed about current trends in academia, these professor-written blogs are invaluable resources. They represent diverse voices in higher education and offer insights that can benefit academics at all stages of their careers, making them valuable academic blogs for researchers.

Remember, the academic blogosphere is continually evolving. While these ten blogs are excellent starting points, don't hesitate to explore further and discover other voices that resonate with your specific interests or needs in higher education blogs, as dedicated to helping researchers at every stage. Happy reading and here's to an intellectually stimulating academic journey through these must-read academic blogs!

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